Terms of cooperation with travel agencies


NordTours company (Murmansk) offers cooperation with travel agencies that wish to send their tourists to have a rest and looking for adventures in the Kola Peninsula. Our region has developed infrastructure. It is located in the North-West of Russia, beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk region has attractive opportunities for tourists from all over the world, both in winter and in summer.


Terms of cooperation – commission 10%.

We have professional photographer, guides, as well as translators to work with tourists from other countries. We have a lot of experience in conducting excursions for tourists from all over the world. For all excursions we pick up customers from their hotels or apartments in any area of Murmansk city. At the end of the tour, in the evening, we again deliver tourists to their hotels.

We provide transportation for each tour. The type of vehicle depends on the number of people:

  • for a group of less than 4 people – car,
  • for a group of 4-8 people – a minibus,
  • for a group of 9-21 people – a large minibus,
  • for groups over 21 people – coach.

We have professional photographer, English speaking guides and translators to work with tourists from other countries.

  • We organize regular tours including meals and accommodation every month.
  • Also for groups of 10 and more people we organize group tours including meals and accommodation.
  • And also we have one day excursions without accommodation and meals.

We provide our partners with all necessary information about our tours, photos for posting on the sites (we send only our own photos without infringing copyright) and we sign a cooperation agreement.

Contacts: info@goscan.ru