Privacy Policy

Providing with personal data, a visitor of the website (hereafter the Visitor) agrees to processing, storage and using its personal data (based on Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data) to book the chosen tour according to the site information.

Filling the application form on the site, the Visitor agrees with the Privacy Policy and the information security.

Data Security site administration in the person of Individual Entrepreneur Sergei Nikolaevich Bolshakov (Primary State Registration Number of the Individual Entrepreneur No. 317519000023260 dated 09.10.2017), representing the brand name Nordtours (hereafter the Site), cannot pass or disclose the Visitor’s information about the tour booking or using other functions of the site to the third party, except for the cases described by the law of those country where the Visitor conducts the activity.

Getting personal information

To fill the application form on the site for participation in the tour the Visitor has to provide some personal information. To check the information provided, the site can require to proof the identity in online or offline modes.

Personal data means any personal information that allows you to establish the identity of the visitor such as:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • E-mail
  • Tour Arrival Time
  • Tour Departure Time
  • Amount of tourists in a group
  • Amount of children in a group
  • Hotel name or apartment address

Personal Information Use

The Site uses the Visitor’s personal information for service and improving the quality of the provided services. Some of the personal information could be transferred to the payment system, in case if this information is necessary to make an advance payment for the tour. The Site makes best to save the privacy of the Visitor’s information. Personal information could be disclosed in cases described by law, or when the administration deems such actions necessary to comply with the legal procedure, judicial order or legal process which is necessary for the work of the Visitor with the Site. In other cases the Visitor’s personal information will not be disclosed to the third parties under no circumstances.


After the Visitor fill the application form, he/she receives a message from the site manager confirming his participation in the tour. The Visitor has the right to stop receiving information from the Site at any time by notifying the Site by an e-mail on the address


The Site ensures the security of personal data from unauthorized access by means of special electronic protection tools posted on the site, as well as on servers of the hosting provider of the Site.

Notification of Changes

The site reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy without further notice. Changes come into force from the moment of their publication. Visitors can control changes in the Privacy Policy by themselves.