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Tour to Khibiny

Visit the most beautifull mountains of Kola peninsula!

Picture by Sergei Bolshakov: Poachvumchorr mount

About Khibiny

Khibiny mountains are the largest mountains of the Kola Peninsula, dating back about 350 million years.

The mountains are rich in different stones and minerals, many of which can be found nowhere else in the world.

At the foot of the mountains there are two cities - Apatity and Kirovsk, and along the western sides of the Khibiny you can see beautiful lake Imandra.

You will enjoy the majestic mountain sceneries and visit the Mineralogy Museum which has a unique collection of minerals from all over the world.

Picture by © Sergei Bolshakov: Lapland poppy


a car for a group up to 3 people, a van for 4 and more people
About 11 - 12 hours depending on weather and road conditions
Guide service
Our guide will pick you up at the hotel and take you back when you are done with the tour
Lunch in a local Cafe
Travel time
About 2,5 hours one way depending on the weather and road conditions
All year round


  • Comfortable boots for hiking
  • windproof jacket
  • cap or hat (in cold weather)
  • sweater or hoodie (in cold weather)

  • walking to the shore of Imandra lake
  • visiting Apatity and Kirovsk towns
  • lunch in the cafe of Kirovsk
  • walking to the valley of Khibiny mountains: Maly Vudyavr lake, Poachvumyok mountain stream, mountain range Takhtarvumchorr, Poachvumchorr)
  • lift in the cable car to Aykuayvenchorr mountain (in summer only on weekends; +400 rubles per person)
  • visiting the Museum of Mineralogy in Kirovsk with the collection of minerals from all over the world
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Picture by © Sergei Bolshakov: Imandra lake and Khibiny mountains

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