Northern Lights activity:
Today: 3
Tomorrow: 3
After tomorrow: 2

3 Days Northern Lights tour

In Murmansk, the North of Russia

Pic © Alexander Stepanenko.

A 3 day Northern Lights tour to Murmansk

Come to Murmansk for the legendary Northern Lights hunting! You will be accompanied by a professional photographer, a true Aurora hunter.

While waiting the Northern lights hunting during the daytime we have prepared excursions: visiting a fishing village of Teriberka, which is located at the very End of the Earth, on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and visiting Sami, the indigenous people of the Arctic and reindeer farm.

Nordtours Data Analysis Visualization

This is a solar activity forecast, on which dates that are favourable for observing the Northern Lights and indicated in points. The forecast is published 25-28 days before the estimated date. Updated every Monday!

Since an excursion to the Northern Lights can start early and end late, it is recommended to arrive in Murmansk no later than 18:00 on the start date of the tour, preferably in the afternoon, and departure no earlier than 7:00 am on the day following the day of the last excursion .

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Tour program
  • One of the evenings
    Hunting for the Northern Lights
    Excursion to aurora is possible at one of every evening depending on the Northern Lights activity and the weather forecast and solar activity.
    18:00 – 21:00

    Gathering of the tour participants. Departure time is determined based on current weather conditions.

    • photographer determines the place where we will go to hunt for the aurora together with our team before going to the tour;
    • arrival at the point, observation of the northern lights, making several photos of guests with Aurora on the background;
    • hot tea treats, snacks;
    • we can move to another place for observation (moving to another point) when weather conditions change;
    • return to Murmansk
  • Day 1
    Murmansk - arrival to the city.
    Murmansk is the largest city in the world, located beyond the Arctic Circle. It is called the capital of the Russian Arctic. Great expeditions to explore the northernmost continent of our planet began from here.

    You can independently visit the monument «Alyosha» - “Defenders of the Arctic” - this 35-meter monument is a symbol of Murmansk and the second tallest monument in Russia after the Motherland monument. The ancient rock ledge “Ram's forehead”, which is more than 2.5 billion years old, is also located here.

    Memorial complex to sailors who died in peacetime.There is a lighthouse in the center , next to which there is a ship's anchor with a capsule with sea water placed under it, next to the cabin of the legendary nuclear submarine "Kursk" and the church of the Savior on Water.

    Also there are monuments to “Waiting”, “Singing Stele”, “Cod”, “Sea Wolf”, “Semyon the Cat” in Murmansk. You will be able to visit the largest ice-free seaport in the Arctic Circle. Here is the first nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" in the world was permanently moored, on which the film "Icebreaker" was filmed. You can admire the port, the bay, ships passing by and take interesting photographs from the piers. Excursions to the nuclear icebreaker - the Lenin Museum are held at 12, 13.30 and 15 o'clock (closed Monday-Tuesday).

  • Day 2
    Excursion to the coast of the Arctic Ocean (Teriberka village)
    A trip to the legendary northern village, located at the End of the Earth, which has become a place for large amount of tourists from all over the country in recent years.

    Getting participants of the excursion to the addresses.

    Travel to Teriberka starts from Murmansk and passes through the Arctic tundra - a great area on the north of Russia, Canada and Greenland, where is no trees at all.

    Excursion around Teriberka village. The place became known thanks to "Leviathan" movie, which was nominated to Oscar in 2014. Abandoned fishing village and the life of local residents.

    Lunch at the cafe.

    We will make a stop at the cemetery of ancient abandoned ships sunk in a small bay, take a walk along the coast and visit a picturesque waterfall that flows into the Arctic Ocean.Let's take great selfies on a sheer cliff with an amazing view.

    Departure to Murmansk.

    Arrival to Murmansk.
  • Day 3
    Excursion to Sami and reindeers
    Excursion to the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula and their faithful companions - reindeers.

    Gathering of the tour participants.

    A trip to Sami village.

    Upon arrival we will see the traditional Sami dwellings, listen stories about the Sami culture, beliefs and legends. Feeding reindeers and taking pictures and selfies with them.

    Sami lunch (fish soup and tea).

    Arrival to Murmansk.
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