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Husky sledding tour

Adventure with the most cheerful and funny dogs!

About the tour

We will go from Murmansk to the Husky farm and get acquainted with the breed of these sled dogs, listen stories about their breeding. We will communicate, play and make pictures with Huskies.

The main part of the program is a riding in a sledge pulled by Huskies. Feel the wind cheerfully blows your face and snow tickles your cheeks and nose. Adrenaline is provided!

The program will be complemented by beautiful views of the northern forest, snowdrifts and frozen lake. Fresh air and speed will create an excellent mood for the rest of the day!

About Huskies

The Husky is an ancient breed of sled dog used for long distance travel. The indigenous peoples of the North used them to travel across the snowy expanses and no other breed can match the Husky in terms of endurance.

Huskies are known for their unusually human-friendly and playful character. Rest in the company of these cute dogs improves mood and tone. And It's also an excellent antidepressant.

Sometimes these dogs are compared and even confused with Laikas, but Huskies do not have such a powerful hunting instinct. Their main purpose is to pull the sled behind them.

Pictured: Husky sledding


Passenger car up to 3 ppl; minivan for 4 and more ppl
From 3 to 9 hours depending on the free seats at one of the husky farm
Tour escort
The guide picks you up from your hotel in Murmansk and takes you back after the tour.
Lunch at husky place or in a cafe, depending on free seats at one of husky farm
Travel time
From 20 min to 2,5 hours depending on the free seats at one of the husky farm
December - April
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Pictured: Husky sledding

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