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Excursion to Sami and reindeers

Visit the indigenous people of the North!

Picture: reindeer sledge

About Saami

The original northern people - the Sami - have lived on the Kola Peninsula of Russia, as well as in the north of Sweden, Finland and Norway, from time immemorial.

Their home is the endless expanses of the tundra, and the most faithful and reliable companion is the reindeer, which was both a means of transportation and a source of skins.

The Sami led a semi-nomadic lifestyle, moving with their herds from place to place. The Sami were engaged in hunting, fishing, and berry picking in addition to reindeer breeding.

The Sami learned to subdue the natural elements in order to survive in the harsh northern conditions. The Sami shamans (Noids) performed secret mystical rites.

We will get acquainted with the culture and customs of the Sami of the Kola Peninsula and plunge into the atmosphere that the indigenous people of the north lived in.

Picture: Sami tambourine


Car for a group up to 3 people, a van for 4 and more people
About 4 hours
Tour escort
Our guide will pick you up at the hotel and take you back when you are done with the tour.
Tea and fish soup
Travel time
50 min one way
All year round
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Picture: campfire

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