Kirill Shubin

Director for Logistics, transportation, head of the guides

Kirill is engaged in providing and conducting tours to make each tour at a high level, check the condition of the transport and make all tourists happy! He studied logistics at the Murmansk State Technical University, loves to travel, a connoisseur of everything new and progressive. He will always support the idea of a new adventure

Alexander Stepanenko

Leading guide 

Tour guide for the Hunting the Northern Lights and Meeting the Midnight Sun tours, professional photographer with more than 30 years of experience, an expert on the Kola Peninsula. He conducted tours for more than 1000 tourists from more than 20 countries. Author of books on the history of the region. Winner of international photo contests. Alexander is a very positive and interesting person, he knows a million stories and always charges everyone with his enthusiasm and energy! And his breathtaking pictures of the Northern Lights literally cause admiration!

Sergei Bolshakov

Director of Development

Sergei is engaged in the development of the company and strategic planning. He loves management, marketing, design, self-improvement, the north, winter sports, and all that is associated with active recreation among the nature

Victoria Shostik

Manager of the department for cooperation with travel companies and clients from Russia

Victoria was born and raised in the south of Russia, but by fate she became in the Kola Peninsula. Victoria fell in love with the North not at once, but when she came to our company, she began to travel a lot and realized that the North is beautiful, multifaceted and unique. Good communication with clients and the ability to answer all the questions that arise is what distinguishes Victoria at work

Mary Lisova

Manager of Customer Service for foreign tourists, English speaking guide

“I live in Murmansk whole my life. But recently I fell in love with the northern nature. Where else do you find snow in July? And how amazing it is to see the Sun and the Moon above your head at the same time! Only in the North it seems that you can touch the sky with your hand. My house is on a mountain and from my window there is a beautiful view to the Kola Bay – it’s romantic, isn’t it? I like to look at the gentle dawns and incredible sunsets, count the stars and watch with a sinking heart as the Northern Lights embrace the sky.”

Andrew Nekhaenko

English speaking guide

Andrew was working for a long time as an IT specialist in a large company in St. Petersburg and traveled, like many of us, only during a planned vacation, but at one point he decided to change his way of life. He resigned from a good job, sold the car and went to conquer the world. And when he returned home, he realized that he had missed his family and a small homeland, the city of Murmansk. His childhood and youth passed here. He returned to the Arctic, where the nature and people of the Kola Peninsula are now inspiring him to share this beauty with those who came here to visit!

Julia Shugaeva

English speaking guide

Julia is a very versatile and sociable person. Her task is to make your trip fascinating, comfortable and positive! She studied English at the Murmansk Institute of Continuing Education, also has a cynological education, as she tries to achieve professionalism in her favorite hobby – cynology. She loves traveling and outdoor activities


Head of the department for Spain and Latin America

Ekaterina is a linguist and translator. She lives outside of Russia from the age of 24. Her second motherland is Spain, where she discovered a passion for travel. She visited the Russian north during one of the trips, which fascinated her with its harsh landscapes. This moment was a beginning of her fruitful cooperation with the NordTours

Yulia Gordeeva

Head of Customer Service for Italy

“Hello! My name is Yulia, I live in Rome, I adore traveling and discovering our wonderful world! I always dreamed of seeing the northern lights! I decided to go north to Murmansk! And I was very lucky that I met the guys from the company NordTours! Thanks to them, I saw the incredible beauty of the north and the magical northern lights! Impressions stunning! There was an idea to show the Italians the beauty of the Russian north and organize cooperation with the guys. The fascinating nature of the northern edge and the northern lights are a real miracle! I hope that many tourists will be able to see this and realize their dream together with us!”

Ko Wen Wu

Head of Customer Service for China and Malaysia

“The first time I saw the Northern Light was in the year of 2015 and my tour guide was none other than Sergei himself. He was the perfect guide for this Northern Light tour and then something popped up in my mind. I need to tell everyone about this. From then on, Sergei and I has been working together to provide the best for those who joins us in this adventurous and miraculous Northern Lights tour in Murmansk, Russia. I am currently working as a part timer with Sergei as I am still studying in Moscow. During the holidays, I like to travel around taking pictures as photography is a hobby I picked up 5 years ago. My current mission is to travel to all parts of Europe and in the future around the world.”