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Hunting the Northern lights

Search of the Northern Lights with skilled guide-photographer.

About Hunting the Northern lights

Our tour takes place in the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Since we are located above the Arctic Circle we have Northern Lights 7 months per year.

We start on tour from Murmansk. In the city there are a lot of city lights which bother to observe the Northern Lights, that's why we go away from the city.

We define the date and place of the trip in advance and coordinate it with you. To get the tour you need to contact us to agree on the date of your arrival.

Upon arrival to Murmansk you are booked in a hotel and in the evening we pick you up from your accommodation and deliver to the "hunting" place. At the end of the program we back you to the hotel.

The video will start with sound


guests are kindly requested to contact the organizers of the tour in advance for the most favorable dates of arrival for the tour.

Pictured: Hunting for the Northern Lights

Tour details

Passenger car up to 3 ppl; minivan for 4 and more ppl
4-6 hours.
Tour escort
The guide picks you up from your hotel in Murmansk and takes you back after the tour.
Hot tea and biscuits.
Travel time
From 20 minutes up to 1.5 hours, depending on the choice of observation point.
September - mid of April.
Search for flights and hotels
Here you can book a flight and a hotel to stay in Murmansk!

What to wear:

  • Winter boots
  • warm jacket and pants
  • sweater
  • winter underwear and gloves
  • winter hat

Tour booking

Pictured: Hunting for the Northern Lights

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