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Murmansk city tour

The largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle!

In the photo: Lenin Icebreaker Museum

About Murmansk

Murmansk is the largest city in the world, located beyond the Arctic Circle! It is called the capital of the Russian Arctic. Great expeditions to explore the northern continent began from here.

The most powerful ships in the world are assigned to the Murmansk port - icebreakers, capable of breaking through the multi-meter thickness of the Arctic ice. We will visit one of them during the excursion.

Murmansk is located on the shores of the Kola Bay - a large ice-free harbor, surrounded by hills (small hills with a rounded top) and numerous lakes.

And the nature around the city is beautiful and harsh - this is the famous polar tundra and forest tundra with dwarf trees and an abundance of mushrooms and berries in summer and autumn.

On the photo: Memorial to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War

Excursion details

Passenger car up to 3 people; minibus for 4 or more people.
About 5 hours.
The guide picks you up from your hotel in Murmansk and takes you back after the tour.
Meals are not provided during the tour.
Travel time
The tour starts immediately from the gathering place of tourists.
All year round.
Search for flights and hotels
Here you can book a flight and a hotel to stay in Murmansk!
Convenient tour order

On the photo: Memorial to sailors who died in peacetime

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